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Twitter is taking an aim at filtering offensive messages


Twitter is taking its screening of unknown direct messages above and beyond. The social media giant reported today that it is trying a filter for messages that contain offensive content. Messages containing possibly suspect words will be put away in an organizer denoted “additional messages.” Users would then be able to select to see them explicitly.

The social media giant has tried a few endeavors this year to utilize innovation to flag offensive tweets without the requirement for human intercession. While such algorithm-assisted policing can work, they additionally flag a lot of false positives and miss a great deal of rottenness. Twitter has additionally tried a “hide replies” feature and made it simpler to report abusive tweets.

In any case, a significant part of the maltreatment and bitterness on Twitter comes as direct messages from outsiders – a large number of which clients may not by any means follow. Ladies and ethnic minorities are especially subject to this type of online provocation. On the off chance that your record is set up to acknowledge direct messages from anybody, Twitter will document messages from clients you don’t follow in an envelope called “message requests.” It additionally has a “quality filter” that will remove what it characterizes as “lower-quality” messages from your message requests folder totally. You won’t almost certainly observe the suspect messages except if you unselect the quality filter.

This most recent filter for sensitive substances by Twitter is somewhat of a cheerful center ground. An initial couple of lines of suspect messages will be covered up and supplanted with the line, “This message is hidden because it may contain offensive content.” You can then choose to either view or delete them. This way, you won’t miss the odd NSFW missive from an old sorority sister or the awkwardly written message from a random business contact.

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