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Twitter Launches Voice Messages

Twitter launches voice messages now following the famous messaging app, the company has launched it for iOS initially. In the future, tweets can be spoken and played on iOS phones. The length is limited to 140 seconds, whereby the service simply turns it into a thread if it is exceeded i.e. creates several tweets that appear linked to each other.

To record a message, users must click the new wavelength icon. A profile photo and another button will appear to record the message. After you have finished recording, you will return to the area for creating tweets and can publish what has been said. The voice tweets appear in the timeline as well as other posts. Here, too, you can see the profile photo and a play button below it.

On iOS devices, the audio message runs in a new window pinned to the bottom of the timeline. While playing, you can continue scrolling and use the smartphone for other purposes. The function will currently only be available to a limited group. It will be available to all iOS users in the coming weeks, told Twitter. The messages can be accessed, shared, and liked with any device.

Fleets Twitter Own Version Of Stories In India

Twitter hopes voice tweeting will create a more humane experience for listeners and storytellers whether someone reports on meeting wild geese in the neighborhood, announcing a journalist Breaking News, or witnessing eyewitness reports of a protest. “We can’t wait to see how people use the function to raise their voices and get involved in public discourse.”

The enthusiasm for Twitter is limited. Some users make a comparison to the voice messages on WhatsApp, many of which are annoyed. Others immediately start with the language tweets. Of course, as with every new Twitter function, there are calls for an editing function for sent tweets. However, the company has not yet fulfilled this request. Recently, tweets can be saved as templates, edited, and sent at a later time.

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