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Faster Chrome: Microsoft Fixes Chrome’s Problem Of Consuming RAM

A recent research also indicates that Chrome browser slows down as soon as you add extensions in it, but there is more to it, consuming RAM is Chrome’s favorite hobby so far.

Chrome started its success story as a lean browser that is more economical in terms of hardware, but over the years that has changed accordingly to the negative. But Google wants to improve that and version 2004 of Windows 10 will also help.

The May 2020 update of Microsoft’s current operating system is currently struggling with various smaller and larger bugs. These problems certainly distract from the fact that version 2004 also brings many improvements and new features. There are many things under the proverbial hood of Windows 10.

Because with this year’s spring update Microsoft has introduced the “Segment Heap Memory” improvements, which can reduce the total consumption of Win32 applications in the working memory. The value is called “SegmentHeap”, the associated official and developer-relevant documentation from Microsoft can be found here.

RAM consumption reduced by 27 percent

Microsoft is already accessing it. The Redmond-based company wrote in a blog post that, according to early tests, the edge browser could reduce memory usage by up to 27 percent if it was installed on Windows 10 version 2004. The whole thing is of course very dependent on the configuration and use. Google has found this solution appealing and wants to implement similar improvements in Chrome. A developer of the search engine group writes in a commit that one wants or will insert a SegmentHeap entry in the Chrome.exe manifest: Windows 10 editions with version 2004 or higher become a segmented heap instead of the “legacy heap” use.
According to initial experiments, this could save “hundreds of megabytes” in the browser and the network service utility processes. Here, too, the effectiveness, of course, depends on the computer; the reduction in RAM consumption could be lower, but it could also be higher.

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