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Twitter May Release the UNDO Feature to Edit Your Tweets

In a nutshell, it is predicted that Twitter may soon roll out the UNDO feature to edit already sent tweets.

Twitter plans to roll out a new feature where Tweets could be undone, if the user wishes to. This, however, could be done within a short span of time of a few seconds of sending a tweet.

For years, users were begging to launch this feature. But the company was too busy to work on it, until recently when it showed some signs.

Jane Manchun Wong, a well-known reverse engineer, recently shared a tweet which gave a hint about Twitter’s new feature:

Earlier, the company was reluctant to introduce the UNDO feature for some reasons like a tweet may go viral only to be edited and turned into something completely different.

Clicking the UNDO button would bring back the tweet composer, allowing the user to make the required changes, but there are some big limitations; the button only remains active for a few seconds after sending the tweet, then you can’t see the tweet you sent earlier.

This new Twitter feature is still in progress and it could take a while to have it rolled out completely. Jane Manchun Wong has often find features months ahead to be released.