Twitter retracting after its most recent goof

A few days back, some reports suggested that unregistered users won’t have access to tweets and user profiles on Twitter. Well, this development by Elon Musk faced a lot of criticism from users. For this reason, the company has backed off from its latest announcement.

Just recently, Twitter has rolled out a few changes to its platform. Notably, it has introduced rate limits on tweets that could be viewed by users on a daily basis. The modification was trailed and the company faced a lot of criticism for its recent changes.  

To access tweets, you might not need to be logged in

As of now, there is no official announcement by Elon Musk that the company will back off from the recent announcement. Instead, users are discovering that they may still view tweets after logging out. When logged out, a few Engadget employees can still view certain tweets. Some users can also view tweet previews in iMessage.

Well, it might not have changed on a whole. Since users can view individual tweets, but the user profiles are not properly visible. In case a profile shows up, the tweets feed doesn’t. furthermore, there are some users who don’t have access to any tweets. So, it looks like the change is underway.

The adjustments can be taking place for a valid reason

Currently, there is no proper explanation for Elon Musk’s narrative. Perhaps it could be related to the future advancements in technology. Since AI modes require a lot of data for their training and this data is fetched from the internet. a big chunk of this data is sourced from social media. Since the big tech companies OpenAI and Google have just admitted this fact.

Elon Musk claims that tweets are also used for this purpose and this is creating some internal issues for Twitter. Musk alleges that this is the primary reason behind the rate limit and the condition of logging in to view the content on the platform. Whatever the case may be, it is good to witness Twitter taking back the changes.

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