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Twitter Testing Bookmarks- Its Save for Later Feature

Bookmarks a new feature is being tested by Twitter. This feature allows users to privately save tweets for later reading. Tina Koyama—Staff Product Designer tweeted a glimpse of the new feature that what it really looks like. The bookmarks option was among the list of options on the users’ navigation menu.


Koyama mentioned in her tweet that the easiest design was selected among the many designs so that the larger Twitter community could navigate it. She further added that people demanded the bookmarked tweets to be private, meaning that the user bookmarking them could only view them later, so this demand was kept in mind when making the designs for the new feature.

A demo was shown earlier that how the bookmark feature could be accessed. Users must tap on the corner button of a tweet, a menu would pop up and on the menu, there would be the option of “add to Bookmarks”.

Keith Coleman—Company’s Product Head, tweeted sometime back in October relating this new feature, keeping in mind that bookmarking was the top of the list request from the many active users on the social-networking website.

Currently, the scenario is that if one does not feel like saving a tweet then one could just like the tweet and it would be a way to save the tweet. But, the liked tweets would publicly be appearing on the user’s profile and timeline (also sometimes even on the user’s followers’ timeline) and would also be notifying the person who posted the tweet.

When the Bookmarks feature would be rolling out publicly cannot be said with clarity yet.

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