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Twitter To Bring New Conversations Tree Feature Soon

Twitter conversation tree

Twitter has been observed testing a new feature that is aimed at making it easier for users to follow up on the conversation tree. Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong has posted an image on Twitter which captures the functionality of “Conversations Tree” on the platform.

In another tweet, the user has captured a short video/GIF which explains the feature in detail and tells us how the new feature would work on the platform. The users would be able to see the whole conversation tree of a particular tweet and then see who replies to that tweet, interestingly the conversations form a tree in sequential order and the replies to a particular reply expand it when clicked.

The new feature is more like Reddit a social platform around for years. The concept first appeared on Twttr iOS app and it seems that Twitter will also roll this out on the web app by 2020.

According to TechCrunch, “Twitter confirmed what she found is part of the company’s broader plan to bring twttr’s features to Twitter — a rollout that will take place next year, a spokesperson said. However, not all the features discovered by Wong will be a part of the launch — just the “best parts” of twttr.”

This means that Twitter will be launching the new feature in 2020 however, the feature might not be fully functional as it appears in the tweet, some tweaks might be removed from the web app. Twitter has been working continuously towards users experience for the past few months, the company has already announced a cleanup campaign taking place in December.

The company will remove all the inactive accounts from the platform as reported earlier in order to build more trust on the platform. However, the social giant has also confirmed that it will not touch the accounts of dead people and keep them on the platform. Due to this, the company has delayed plans to remove inactive accounts until it figures out the person being removed is dead.

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