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Twitter to counter dunk tweeting with emoticons

Twitter needs us to be more aware of the manner in which we use quote tweets, answers and retweets. In an offer to alleviate a portion of the issues these tools can cause – pile ons, ratio, dunking, etc – it’s uncovered it’s arranging two or three experiments in the coming weeks, intended to assist us with thinking about more cautiously how we utilize the stage. Addressing BuzzFeed News, Twitter’s senior executive of product management David Gasca clarified the little changes astir. Right off the bat, Twitter will add emoticons to a retweet, enabling clients to cite tweet without utilizing the compose field. This, he says, could help put a conclusion to careless retweeting and give clients delay for thought before partaking in a dunk-on.

Also, Twitter will naturally propose individuals utilize emoticons in their answers – heart eyes, for instance – yet on the off chance that you pick a negative emoticon, Twitter will ask, “Why do you disagree?” Hopefully, Gasca says, this will encourage considered debate, rather than an out-and-out flame war.

The proposed tests pursue various different activities intended to carry more balance to the stage. A week ago the organization reported it was prohibiting political promotions (with certain special cases) while Twitter research VP Dantley Davis indicated various highlights that could land one year from now, including more powers over retweets and removing mentions. Gasca included that the organization has “big ambitions” for 2020, taking note of that, “We’re definitely serious about changing how conversations happen on Twitter.”

Twitter employees are also under espionage charges so this is one step in the positive direction to divert media attention.

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