Twitter Has Updated Its Privacy Policy Might Attract More Advertisers

Twitter today has circulated an update acknowledging users that they have changed their privacy policies to bring in change regarding advertisements.

The update requires to use cookies saved in the browser, these cookies collect users data regarding internet usage and websites visited. The data delivers the accurate information about the users interest. Twitter will be able to segment its users into various categories using this data.


The data can later be used to deliver more targeted and interest based ads and videos to the users.

Heaven For Social Media Advertisers

Social media marketing is one of the major tools in digital marketing landscape, if we compare users in terms of quality and activity both then three names comes on top Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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And if we compare all three platforms in terms of quality and activity then Twitter beats other two platforms,

Facebook has more activity but less quality, LinkedIn has more quality but less activity but Twitter is a balance between them, Users on Twitter are quality users as well as active at the desired level that advertisers are looking for.

If Twitter is able to get improve ads and videos like Google then Twitter would become popular in social media advertising and advertisers will use more Twitter ads in future.