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Google Assistant is now on iPhone

Google Assistant

It’s now official that you can now utilize Google Assistant on the iPhone. What’s more, it looks and works practically similarly as it does on Android. This is perfect for Android users wanting to get advantage of the iPhone.

At Google I/O, the organization’s yearly designer gathering, it was reported that there is presently an iOS form of Google Assistant accessible for the iPhone.

Broadly the iPhone accompanies Siri, Apple’s own advanced right hand which may make you ask why you’d need Google’s Assistant. Despite the fact that Siri is incorporated with iOS 10, Google one can deal with more entangled errands and inquiries than Siri and do as such in an extremely conversational style. The Google Assistant application even accompanies a clever iOS gadget for snappy get to.

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Here are a few things Google Assistant can do on your iPhone:

  • Make quick phone calls
  • Type or ask Google Assistant queries
  • Use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps
  • Send emails, SMS and iMessages
  • Set reminders and calendar events
  • Play music
  • Ask it pretty much anything you’d search on Google
  • Interact with it like you’re having a conversation: “Will I need an umbrella today?”
  • And here are some things Assistant can’t do on the iPhone:
  • Can’t be accessed from the home button
  • Saying, “OK, Google” won’t work
  • Assistant can’t set alarms

Furthermore, here are a few things Assistant can’t do on the iPhone:

  • Can’t be accessed from the home catch
  • Saying, “alright, Google” won’t work
  • Associate can’t set alarms

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This is a win-win for iPhone users. You can now pick between using Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa (through the Amazon application). The iOS Google Assistant application is accessible now for download from the App Store. Only a heads up, the application takes up 256 megabytes and works just on iOS 9.1 and higher.

Image via Android Central

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