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Uber Asked to Suspend Its Ride-Sharing Services


Uber has been directed to suspend its ride-sharing services immediately in Colombia, as per the announcement made by the industry and commerce authority on Friday quoting the reason being unfair competition laws.

The US technology giant has nearly 2 million active users in the country and nearly 88,000 drivers.

The verdict, which is subjected to an appeal, has come after a lawsuit by a group of taxi drivers who accuse the firm of having unfair business practices.

The head of the Industry and Commerce department which manages the market said that the first much stop operations immediately quoting the reason of biased competition and significant advantage over the other more traditional taxi services.

They added that the effects of the step are fulfilled immediately.

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As per a statement, the US firm has regretted and denied the verdict and has appealed immediately.

Although Uber was permitted to do its operations in Colombia by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications and pays tax as a result, the usage of drivers for transporting the passengers is unlawful and the police are able to sanction the drivers making use of the application.

Uber was formed back in the year 2009 and reached Colombia in 2013 however the taxi owners and the unions have on a repeated basis protested in the streets against Uber and the same type of competitors, who as per their claim stole their work.

The protests have also been held in many other cities, where pressure has even led to taking back of these applications. Uber does not operate in Bulgaria, Hungary, Northern Australia, Denmark and Catalonia.

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