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Ubisoft Sued Apple & Google Over Sale Of Rainbow Six ‘Carbon Copy’ Area F2

Game developer Ubisoft sues both Apple and Google, claiming to be a ‘carbon copy’ of Rainbow Six: Siege over an app in their respective app stores.

According to Bloomberg:

“Ubisoft Entertainment SA sued Apple Inc. and Google LLC, accusing the companies of selling a ripoff of its popular video game “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.” “Area F2,” created by Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.’s Ejoy.com, is a “near carbon copy” of Rainbow Six: Siege, and that can’t be “seriously be disputed,” Ubisoft said in a complaint filed Friday in federal court in Los Angeles.”

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Rainbow Six: Siege has 55 million registered players and an active user base of 3 million players a day, according to the lawsuit. Teams also compete in the competitive scene at the game for “millions of dollars in prizes.” As such, Ubisoft says that R6S is “one of the most valuable intellectual properties of Ubisoft” and that “nearly every aspect of AF2 is copied from R6S,” including the operator selection screen, final scoring screen “and all in between.”

Area F2 is listed by developer Qookka Games on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This is the name that Ejoy.com Ltd, based in Hong Kong at Alibaba, does business under. Back in 2017 Alibaba bought Ejoy to boost its position in the mobile and online gaming sector. The game was promoted through various social media campaigns through 2019, Bloomberg said, and made available to the public last month on tablets and smartphones. Ubisoft previously notified both Apple and Google of the infringement to no avail, according to the report.

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Interestingly, Ubisoft is suing Apple and Google for allowing the game to be distributed, rather than Qookka Games itself for the initial violation. At this stage, it remains unclear whether Ubisoft intends to file a separate action to that effect. 

The game has over 75,000 reviews on the Google Play Store and over 2,000 reviews on the Apple App Store. A plethora of reviews on both platforms note similarities with Rainbow Six title from Ubisoft.