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UK Government Offers Information Through Alexa and Google Assistant


People in the UK will now have access to government documents through smart speakers available on the market. The UK government has simplified the things for information seekers, the British government has made over 12,000 pieces of Gov.uk documents containing information through Alexa and Google Assistant.

People living in the UK can now save a lot of time searching through the documents and official pages. Some of the information is placed in very simple questions, for instance; when is the next bank holiday? However, some questions are more detailed such as; how to obtain a passport.

The UK government has just started providing voice information on the smart speakers and obviously, not everything is available on them right now but the government has plans to expand it even further.

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You might have more information coming soon such as; how to renew your car tax? Or How to get married? The government is making it easier for users to access the information easily with the voice command which could be harder to find on the web for some people or could be buried on the web easily.

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