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Ukraine War: Google blocks paid app updates From Play Store in Russia

Google is introducing further measures to punish the Russian people and app developers based there for the war of aggression against Ukraine. It will soon no longer be possible to update or download paid apps via the Play Store. if bleeding computer quote appropriately Announcements by Google reported that compliance with sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of the war in Ukraine has forced the company to take new measures that affect Google Play Store users.

Since last Thursday, Google no longer allows paid apps to be downloaded from the Play Store in Russia. It is also no longer possible to get updates for paid apps from the Play Store if the user is based in Russia.

Free app distribution: a temporary solution

There are no restrictions on free apps, so they can still be distributed and obtained from the Play Store, including all updates. In order not to leave Russian customers of paid app providers completely out in the cold, the app developers can offer their customers payment deferment and free trials to bridge the time until the end of the sanctions, it said. In addition, app providers can extend the payment term to give users more time.

Of course, there is also the option of providing an app for free for the time being, also to enable the delivery of updates and not compromise the security of the respective apps on the users’ devices. In early March, Google blocked the Play Store payment system from users from Russia because the US had imposed corresponding sanctions. Since then it is no longer possible to buy apps or games, pay subscriptions or make in-app purchases via Google Play.

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