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Google Translate Update Saves Search History To The Account

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In the wake of hints of this feature being announced in the year 2020, Google Translate is currently scanning your history of searches in the account of your Google account.

The search history feature was discovered to be rolling out through Android Police and will be accessible to users of all Google Translate users when launching the app in the near future. The app will prompt you to will prompt you the option to “backup your translation history” with the option for “Manage history” or “use Translate without an account” If you’d rather not backups of things you’ve already changed to local lexicons.

In the settings, you’ll be able to select the “History” option, and tapping this will show all of your search history in chronological order. You can save any search that you’ve conducted in Google Translate for quick access via the top left-hand corner of the top of the home screen. The search results are accessible locally, but they will be saved across your account to ensure that other devices on which you’ve registered will be capable of accessing the search results.

It is possible to save all of the Google Translate history to find the meanings of words and phrases that you translate. Your saved translations will sync across all your devices.

The Translate app allows you to sync your entire history on your phone to the cloud. If you’re signed into the app your translations are automatically saved on the cloud.

You can modify and manage how long any queries are stored within your account by tapping your profile avatar at the upper right corner of your Google Translate main app view. From there, you can tap “History” and this will bring up your personal Google Account settings for the application. Its Official Support for Translate say that you can close the application using your mobile device in order to block search results from being saved in the cloud.

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