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Urdu Speech Therapy “Bolo Tech” Developed By Karachi Girls

Improvements and betterment in technology globally gets acknowledgement. Let us acknowledge an achievement of our own country. Two female software engineers in Karachi, Pakistan have made the nation proud. These two female have developed a speech therapy application which is in Urdu language. This application is for people who are unable to communicate and it is called “Bolo tech”.

Facial expressions are mimicked to train vocally disabled people and help them to overcome speaking hurdles like pronunciation. This is the first ever speech therapy application in Urdu language around the world.

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An initiative by Pakistani girls in the field of technology is in itself commendable. Working for disable people, thinking about their needs in this fast pace world, coming up with an innovative idea and now implementing it, we will wish good luck to the two girls and the whole Bolo tech team.

Image via: Express Tribune

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