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How To Use OK Google: Learn Some Commands That Will Make Your Life Easier

OK Google, is the feature available in most smartphones, Google app which is often preinstalled in smartphones is often neglected, it has built-in Artificial intelligence capabilities that will make this feature serve you as you command it. If you are unaware of how to use Google OK commands to navigate it what to do with your device, here are some selected commands that can be used on daily basis.

How To Enable OK Google

Before giving any commands to OK Google you first have to enable it from Google app. Open up the Google app>Go to settings>Go to Voice>Go to OK Google detection.

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Here you can enable or turn on the feature, if you wish to use it from any screen then enable any screen option. After that you have to add a voice model of your voice in order to enable app to detect your voice for commands.




Asking Google about anything

You can ask things from OK Google, for every command you first have to say OK Google and then command.

“How old is [name]?”

“Where was [name] born?’

“Who invented [anything you want to find].”

Searching the internet commands

“Browse [nameofwebsite.com],” when you want to go directly to the website.

“Go to [name of website],” when you want it to appear in a Google search.

Sports commands

“How is [say the name of the team] doing?”

“Results from [say the name of the team] last game.”

“When is [say the name of the team] next game?”

“Did [say the name of the team] win the last game?”

Stocks commands

“What is [name] stock price?”

“What is [name] trending at?”

Defining words

“What is the definition of [say the word].”

“Define [say the word].”


You can say:

“Open Google account settings.”

“Show my Google search history.”

“Adjust my Google privacy settings.”

“Adjust my Google security settings.”

Messaging, notes, and music commands

“Show me my messages.”

“Text [name of contact] [say the message].”

“Send an email to [say the contact name] [say what you want to write in the email].”

“Call [say the name of the contact].”

“Call [say the name of the contact] on speakerphone.”

These are the apps that are compatible with “OK, Google”:

Google Hangouts — “Send a hangouts message to [say name].”

Evernote — “Make a note with Evernote.”

Whatsapp — “Send a Whatsapp message to [say contact name].”

Viber — “Send a message with Viber.”

Telegram — “Send a Telegram message to [say contact name].”

Youtube — “Search [say what you want to search for] on YouTube.”

Pandora — “Play [name of song] on Pandora.”

Google Music — “Listen to [name of song].”

Facebook — “Post [say your message] on Facebook.”

Twitter — “Post [say your message] on Twitter.”


Alarms commands

“Set an alarm for [say time].”

“Set an alarm in [say how many minutes, or hours].”

“Set a repeating alarm for [say the label].”

“Set a repeating alarm for [say the label] at [say the time].”

“Set a repeating alarm at [say the time] for [say the label] every/on [say the days of the week, or say everyday].”

“Show me my alarms.”

“When is my next alarm?”

“Wake me up at [say the time] then [the day, or say ‘everyday’].”


Controlling your device

“Take a picture/photo.”

“Record a video.”

“Take a selfie.”

“Increase/decrease volume.”

“Mute the volume.”

“Turn [on/off] [Flashlight, WiFi, Bluetooth].”


Leave a comment if you face any difficulty using OK Google.