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Use Of Social Media Creates Anxiety and Fear In Youth According To Survey


A survey conducted in the UK on more than 10,000 youngsters between 12 to 20 years reveals that using social media sites such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram making them more anxious and fearful.

According to the survey results, cyber-bullying is widespread on social media, almost 70% of youth is inclined towards being abusive towards other people on social networks and 17% have claimed that they have been bullied online several times. However, 34% said they lived in fear of cyber-bullying.

According to the survey conducted by another charity organization which works in anti-bullying segment “Ditch The Label”, 40% of survey participants feel bad if nobody likes their selfies and 35% said their confidence level is directly proportional to the number of followers they have.

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BBC news reported that Instagram is considered a vehicle used for most mean comments on social media, while 7% of the youngsters claim they have been a victim of cyber-bully on Facebook photo app.

Cyber-bullying is becoming a challenge faced by young people, said Ditch The Label’s Chief Executive Officer, Liam Hackett.

The findings, however, appears to have contradictions with the one researched by Oxford Internet Institute recently which suggests cyber bullying is relatively rare.

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