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Utilize an email spam checker to care about your content

Sending out emails, you can face issues related to deliverability. One of these can be with content which can be solved by means of an email spam checker.

How to Leverage an Email Spam Checker

If you’re willing to try out an email spam checker, you’re in the right place. Email is now the third most influential communication channel for companies and a primary marketing channel for most brands. But unfortunately, email spam can lead to emails ending up in the junk folder. To avoid this, use an email tester to ensure that your messages aren’t going straight to the junk folder.

Issues with Message Content

An email spam checker is a beneficial tool for email marketers who are in search of how to improve email deliverability. Leveraging it will help you identify weak points in your message strategy or message content, and recommend solutions. Email spam checkers can also penalize senders for sending spam. Once an email has been marked as spam, ISPs will treat future emails from that sender with suspicion.

An email spam checker can flag a message as spam if it detects certain content. Typically, this occurs when a message contains long words or non-English language phrases. An email spam tool that flags an email as spam, as a rule, advises you to edit the message to remove such content.

Issues with DNS Records

If you’re having trouble with an email spam checker, it might be due to issues with DNS records. There are a couple of ways to avoid these issues. First, ensure that your domain’s DNS records are properly set up. If they’re not, you’re likely to see warnings and errors when visitors try to access your website.

DNS records can be very important in spam filtering, and improper configuration of them can cause your emails to go into the spam folder. There are several online tools available to check DNS records. If you find that your records are not set correctly, you can take action to fix them.

Misconfigured DNS records can also cause your domain to be blacklisted by email spam checkers. One way to fix DNS records is to use a service that checks if your IP address is on any email blacklists. This is very important because misconfigured DNS records can lead to your IP address or domain being blacklisted. You will need to fix your DNS records to be removed from any blacklist, and then send a removal request. It’s recommended to take a look at your email activities to ensure that your IP address does not appear in any email lists. 

Issues with Message Configuration

When using an email spam checker tool for free, you may find some messages are filtered out because of issues with the message configuration. Often, this can be caused by issues with the sender’s email address. It is important to have a consistent sender email address in order to build trust with your recipients, increase engagement, and increase your deliverability rate. Other times, issues may be caused by an email server’s configuration. Fortunately, you can use an email tester to detect errors and improve your deliverability.

Issues with message delivery

When using an email spam checker, you may encounter issues with message delivery. Messages can be rejected because the email address or DNS host does not exist, the username and the hostname portion are invalid, or the email has been deleted. Another reason a message might be rejected is that the IP address is on a spam blocklist.

In this case, you need to look up the IP address using a spam blocklist query tool. A good email spam checker will identify buzzwords that are associated with blacklisted keywords. It will also use your message content and sender reputation to determine whether it is spam or not. Using an email spam checker can help you avoid these issues and improve your email delivery rates.

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