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Vertus’s Former Team Introduces a Luxury Feature Phone


The former team of Vertu is soon going to introduce a luxury feature phone. Vertu was a renowned phone Maker Company of its time. It started as an ultra-premium division of Nokia and developed Nokia handsets along with luxury materials targeted towards elite collectors and customers.

Later, the former design chief of Vertu and its former employees formed a company named Xor aiming to evoke the former spirit of the company. Some old fans of Vertu approached the team which forced the company to manufacture a luxury feature phone again.

As per the reports, Xor Titanium Is the first luxury phone of the company which got its name from its Titanium Chassis. As it is only a feature phone, it only allows voice calls and text over 3g. Moreover, the calls will be supported with active noise cancellation. Also, the phone supports wireless charging.

As it is not a Smartphone, there is a major benefit .i.e. the battery lasts for five days.

The feature phone comes with business-grade security and also, it supports an end to end encrypted voice calls with the other Xor Titanium phone. If you receive an encrypted call, a different ringtone will be played. Furthermore, the handset also has a secret remote key which helps to delete all data from the phone instantly.

The price of the Xor Titanium luxury phone will start from $3900 as soon as it goes for sale in Q1 in 2021.

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