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Galaxy Note 7 makers Samsung bounce back with 8

Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster has been the highlight of everything that could go insanely wrong in the technology sphere. Galaxy Note 7 is now banned everywhere, as we all know. It gave the company Samsung co a big financial blow. Now, the tech giant is already gaining energy to bounce back in the market. This time however there won’t be a bang to it (pun intended).

Will Samsung 8 be like the Galaxy Note 7?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 makers are now focusing on the manufacturing of Note 8. Lee Jae-Yong the vice chairman and the board member at Samsung in his discussion with Wall Street Journal said that, “next year’s Galaxy S8 will come in a slick design and improve camera. It is also rumored to have good artificial intelligence.

It is to be noted that Samsung acquired Viv Labs. Viv Labs are the creators of Apple’s Siri which means that Samsung will now have improved voice assistance. However, Lee did not confirm whether or not Viv Labs is part of the Note 8 venture. Artificial intelligence, better camera and improve design are the start of Samsung to win its customer base back.

The Samsung Note 7 fiasco cost the corporation a business loss of around $5 billion. The company also had to send fireproof boxes to many of its customer. To bounces back from this tarnished reputation, the company has to work hard to bounce back. Samsung has also faced many lawsuits because of the note 7 explosions.

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There are many phones in the market trying to gain customers from the niche Samsung left. Xiaomi and Google Pixel are prime example of this. Google released its Pixel phones and Xiaomi mi mix. Both these phones are trying to target smartphone owners. Apple is also working on a new concept design for iphone 8. This means that Samsung in order to gain its customer base back has a lot of work to do.

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