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Viral Dance Party video is fake so stop fussing

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A couple of days back, police captured a gathering of 50 men and ladies from a “dance party” at Hotel Ambassador in Sector G-5 of Islamabad.

Official sources said that the act had been led on the requests of Assistant Commissioner Captain Shoaib Ali in the late hours of the night.

Islamabad Police found that no less than 34 men and 16 ladies were dancing, playing uproarious music while smoking tobacco and sheesha. Officers charged the members for “obscene acts and songs” and for disregarding the amplifier and tobacco control laws in the nation.

Following the news, a video became an internet sensation via web-based networking media which obviously demonstrated the characteristics of the affirmed members.

A few clips from the video demonstrated how the police was treating the members. Appearances of each of the captured people were likewise appeared.

Numerous Pakistanis over online networking shared it broadly, condemning the conduct of the police towards the general population in the video.

Nonetheless, it ended up noticeably clear after some time that things were not as they were by all accounts. It has now been demonstrated that the video was of another occurrence and from somewhere else (either Saudi Arabia or Yemen).

Dance Party happened in the Arab region and not Pakistan

A tweet from June 16 demonstrates a man who was executed by the Saudi experts in the wake of being captured from an ‘underground night club’. A similar individual can likewise be found in the video (at 0:54) which “evidently” demonstrated the general population who were captured in Islamabad.

Saudi soldier claimed to have died on duty in Yemen, was actually executed by Saudi authority after being caught in an underground nightclub pic.twitter.com/AOd7S6gclF— The’Nimr’Tiger ?? (@Souria4Syrians) June 15, 2017

The general appearance and facial structures of the general population in the video additionally takes after Arab individuals. Some educated individuals via web-based networking media called attention to that also. What’s more, if there was any waiting uncertainty, the time stamp on the tweet fundamentally wrecks every other variant of the occurrence.

This episode serves to highlight the significance of confirming substance that shows up on our online networking forums. Not everything on the web is solid and individuals ought to be careful about such deluding posts. We live in a period of fake news and tricks all things considered, and it pays to be wary. They say nothing on the internet is true which is right. Before making any judgement be sure to double check sources. It helps in making sound decisions.

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Media outlets have announced that the majority of the members were discharged on safeguard inside hours of the capture.

Here is the video of the occurrence (watcher attentiveness exhorted) that soon became famous online over web-based social networking, with many individuals remarking on the poor treatment allotted to the members of the dance party:




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