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Massive Internet outage hits Pakistan


The web has gone down for countless users over Pakistan. While we don’t have coordinate affirmation from ISPs themselves presently, it gives the idea that the web interruption is more serious for PTCL and ISPs that depend on PTCL’s transfer speed. Different ISPs are confronting blackouts on shorter scale. What we’re experiencing is a massive internet blackout and there is no affirmation from official authorities.

PTCL said that it is not yet mindful of any web interruption and that things are running fine on their end. However, many users took to twitter to complain about the slow internet and no internet.

PTCL Internet is loading pages slow or not at all

Initial examinations have uncovered that directing past PIE isn’t traversing and anything that sits past PIE isn’t opening.

Up until this point, these sites have been accounted for as inert;


  • Amazon,
  • Slack,
  • iShopping,
  • Research Sniper
  • Zameen.com
  • Olx


Facebook and Twitter are however working just fine.

It seems that things are returning to ordinary following 30 minutes of finish down time. Be that as it may, it is not completely reestablished starting at yet, we can affirm this.

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Allegedly the web disturbance was spread over the locale because of some submarine link issue that we don’t know about yet. We can accept that PTCL is presently setting off its move down courses to get the web live once more.

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