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Vivo Officially Announces First Public Beta Of OriginOS

OriginOS Beta

In November last year, Vivo officially released their new system, OriginOS, which they have polished for a year. The overall design is individualized, flexible, and simple, and the visual effects are even more completely new.

OriginOS previously announced the first batch of public betas before January 31, but in fact, it has officially opened today, and many users have reported that they have successfully applied for the public beta qualification.

It is understood that the first batch of OriginOS public testing covers Vivo and iQOO models, including eleven models including Vivo X50, Vivo S7, Vivo NEX 3S, iQOO, and iQOO Neo 3. Users can click on the system Update the “gear” button at the top right to enter the application page.

Vivo officially refers to OriginOS as the next-generation mobile operating system, which has greatly improved its design, smoothness, and convenient experience. It can be said to be a revolutionary new system in the current mobile phone market, bringing a striking design.

OriginOS visually introduces a brand-new desktop grid system and brings Huarong grid design, which can flexibly and freely show the charm of every element of the desktop, with a high degree of freedom. Features such as the unique time window and behavioral wallpaper are also well received.

At the same time, the new system has also been greatly upgraded in terms of fluency. Through the analysis and smoothing of touch data report points, the jitter of touch is greatly reduced, and the touch response speed of key scenes such as edge touch and games is optimized to ensure a stable and smooth experience.

In addition, Vivo has also taken into account the needs of different users while upgrading and updating. OriginOS can switch back to the traditional desktop with one click through the “parallel world” function. Users can switch according to their own habits, leaving the right to choose.