Vivo X100 could come with the fastest RAM

Vivo Y21T

The LPDDR5T RAM was introduced in January of this year. It has not been used by many companies until now. However, according to a recent piece of information, a Chinese company is going to use it in their upcoming smartphone series. Notably, Vivo will use LPDDR5T RAM with the Vivo X100. This information comes from the Chinese Tipster Digital Chat Station.

Reportedly, the LPDDR5T RAM is considered the fastest in the industry. As compared to the data rate of 8.5 GB/s of the LPDDR5X, the LPDDR5T is 13% faster since it can operate at a data rate of 9.6 GB/s. This information comes from SK Hynix. It is one of the companies associated with manufacturing these chips. The term LPDDR5T is abbreviated for Low Power Double Data Rate 5 Turbo.

In addition to this, SK Hynix officially declared that this RAM is fully compatible with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. Furthermore, the tipster claims that LPDDR5T RAM will also be compatible with the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 SoC. In the future, SK Hynix intends to deliver a 16GB-capacity product. It will be done by merging multiple LPDDR5T chips that will eventually provide a data processing speed of 77 GB/s.

LPDDR5T is quite power efficient as well

According to the company, the chip is quite power efficient since it has the ability to operate at the lowest voltage (1.01 to 1.12V) standards. Notably, the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) has set these standards. In an effort to increase speed and efficiency, the company has used the HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) process. In this manner, the business can provide a product that outperforms LPDDR5X while we wait for LPDDR6 RAM to hit the market.

It is anticipated that the Vivo X100 series will arrive by mid-November. If the above-mentioned information is correct, then Vivo X100 smartphones will be the first smartphones to feature this RAM.

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