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Volkswagen automobiles will run on Huawei’s HarmonyOS in China

Volkswagen is a Germany-based automobile brand. In accordance with some fresh reports from Financial Times, Volkswagen and Huawei are undergoing discussions regarding automobiles. As per the sources, both companies have come forward to talk about the OS set to be used in cars. Volkswagen is considering combining HarmonyOS in Volkswagen cars sold in China.

Well, from the perspective of native technology, it is quite a sensible idea to do that. It will open doors and opportunities for both companies. since Chinese consumers will prefer HarmonyOS over any other software. Opposite to this scenario, Seres was the company that dropped the idea of using HarmonyOS for Android Auto. Seres abandoned the idea of using Huawei’s OS in its cars sold in Europe.

Besides this general information, some sources also claim that VW is not just considering Huawei for the operating system of cars. Instead, the company is considering other options as well. Reports suggest that the company is looking for an option for a long-term partnership in China. In this scenario, Huawei stood on the first rank given its success with the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

When it comes to the EV market, the software used by Volkswagen lags in certain aspects, particularly in the Chinese market. Since the Chinese EV market is growing at a rapid pace and is quite competitive. Even Huawei is competing for market share in the nation with its own auto brand.