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Warning: USB Sticks Offered At A Very Low Price Are Unreliable

Readers, you need to be warned about USB sticks that are offered to you at a very low price and claim to store huge amount of data close to one terabyte or more.

Cheap USB sticks with large memory sound too good to be true and it is too good to be true. As per experts, these offers need to be analyzed with suspicion. If you plug it into your PC and it still shows the claimed memory the claim can still be doubtful. The chances are that USB, in reality, has really less memory and your data might even get loss according to North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Advice Centre in Germany.

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So how can you buy an authentic USB memory stick that can store loads of data? Well, the advice is to just compare prices of companies offering USB with low price with reputable companies that make USB before you buy it.

Just for an example if you buy a two –terabyte flash drive of Kingston you will have to pay at least €4,000. If you are getting at half the price or even lower there would be for sure something wrong with the quality of the USB.


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