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Watch YouTube Without Ads: YouTube Ads Can Be Bypassed With Simple dot

If you want to enjoy the YouTube video platform without advertising, you usually have to buy a paid subscription. A simple trick ensures that the portal can also be used without advertising without a membership. All you have to do is change one character.

As soon as a dot is placed in the URL of a video between the domain (youtube.com) and the slash (/), the desired video is started directly. No advertising is played beforehand. An attentive Reddit user noticed this. Subsequent videos that are opened via links on the page also no longer contain advertising.

The trick does have some limitations, however. Since the manipulation of the URL only calls up a subpage, some other functions also no longer work correctly. In addition to the missing advertising, cookies are no longer set or readout. It follows that the YouTube account cannot be used. It is therefore not possible to comment on a clip or add it to a playlist. However, you can watch advertising-free long videos.

Trick only works on desktop PCs

In addition, the trick can only be used in the browser version of the platform. The “secret” mode should therefore mainly come in handy for desktop users. Without the third-party software or a paid subscription, users of the smartphone app or YouTube’s mobile web view have no way of bypassing the advertising. However, there is an option to request the desktop view of the page in the mobile web browser.

The dot changes the address

The reason that the advertising can be dealt with is that the browser is “youtube.com” and “youtube.com.” are not two identical pages. Although the correct page is requested, the cookies from “youtube.com” are called when you call “youtube.com.” not found. In addition, the URL added to the dot leads to a cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) that is not working properly.

It is a mechanism that can reload resources from a server with a different address or a different protocol. In the case of YouTube, the advertising is downloaded from “googleads.g.doubleclick.net”. The CORS request is blocked because it is for “youtube.com” and not for “youtube.com.

Continue Without Ads

Once you put the period or dot after youtube.com you can continue switching between the videos without putting the dot every time you open the new video until you close the browser. This makes no hassles and you can enjoy ad-free YouTube for longer.

Since the trick was released, YouTube and others likely to prevent the bypass soon.

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