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Wearable Device Created for Re-growing Hair

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Many people these days are suffering with the issue of hair loss and the methods associated with it for re-growing hair could be complicated. Researchers have now made a wearable and easy to use device that could help in the re-growing of hair.

Excessive hair loss could lead to anxiety or stress in most of the cases. Some studies reveal that though giving simulations to the skin with lasers would help in re-growing hair, however, the equipment is many a times big and difficult to use in every daily life and even if used at home consumes a lot of energy.

To make the process simpler, Keon Jae Lee—the researcher and his team have created a new device that is flexible, wearable and durable photo simulator that has made the process of hair growth quicker in mice when was tested. For making the device, the researchers fabricated an ultrathin array of flexible vertical micro-light emitting diodes (μLEDs). The array contains 900 red μLEDs on a chip that was much smaller than a postage stamp and was only 20 μm in thickness, as per the reports of Science Daily.

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The device consumes nearly 1,000 times less power per unit area than a conventional phototherapeutic laser. Also, it does not even heat up enough to cause any kind of problem or damage to human skin.

As per the journal publication ACS Nano, the researchers tested the device’s potential to re-grow hair on mice who had shaved backs. When compared the mice treated with the μLED patch for fifteen minutes a day, showed faster, wider and longer hair growth.

According to New Atlas, in future it is expected that a much bigger version of the device could someday be utilised by humans in their homes on a daily basis, against the present treatments like many medications, laser treatments, hair transplant surgery, etc.

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