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What are Broker Scams and How to Avoid Them?


Having and enhancing one’s wealth, especially during tough times like recessions, and now, this pandemic can genuinely matter when we need it the most. With that said, a few great ways to secure us financially are with investments and trading. Although these options can be excellent, trusting brokers and investing in good conscience, the risk of losing money to fraud may potentially be an experience we don’t want to happen.

As time progress, these broker scams evolve into new variations of impersonating schemes, waiting for their next prospective victim. Moreover, most of the time, these instances are related to cyber issues quite common during this technological age. 

Fraudsters like swindlers construct fake websites with names of real industry specialists together with professional details, letting people fall victim because of such reliable credentials. Anyone who would encounter these sites would surely fall prey to these vicious financial predators.

The Process of Identifying Fraudulent Brokers

The first and surest thing to do when in doubt with broker scams is to check their background – their firm, their credibility, and their previous clients you can reach out to in case of any financial mishap. 

In addition, you can also look at these fraudulent brokers and their past disciplinary problems, cold calls they might initiate, or any funny business they may inflict on your statements. When you’re not sure if you’ve been affected by such trading scams, there are numerous helpful routes you can check before filing complaints and seeking restitution.

Fake Websites

Online imposter sites usually exploit the names of those registered as investment specialists, along with other available business information for the public to see and access. 

This credible information can already help establish fake websites and make them look reliable and trustworthy. Then, swindlers call their potential customers, giving them instructions to direct them to bogus websites. These fraudsters aim to resemble and pose as legitimate websites that will potentially be fishing out information or login credentials from unwary present or potential clients.

Fake Trading License

Unlicensed fraudulent brokers pose as consultants of some professional financial firms, preying and persuading their way on potential buyers. 

These financial con artists fabricate forged report copies of a legal broker’s public files and then send these documents to investors through the stolen identities of investment business experts. The CRD numbers used are from an unlicensed investment business trader. In this solicitation exchange, the preyed individual’s details and some of their essential documents are requested and are eventually stolen.

Red Flags of Online Broker Scams

All hope is not lost when it comes to forex and crypto scams, however prevalent they may be in the broker scene nowadays. Determining red flags can be helpful so you can avoid them even before you encounter them and eventually take over your financial credentials and worth. 

Here’s a comprehensive list that can help you keep an eye on fraudulent brokers that might get their way towards your finances:

  • After putting all your fortune on the line, brokers suddenly disappear.
  • After receiving your payments, suddenly, hidden fees are revealed.
  • Broker scams flaunt and show their profits using the luxurious lifestyles of their customers, such as designer clothes, expensive cars, and multi-million residences.
  • Convoluted withdrawal procedures are a bit dodgy.
  • Customers claim their broker allegedly delivered their money and placed it under the wrong account when making withdrawals.
  • Enormous and unquestionable profits can be a bit suspicious.
  • Illegal or uncontrolled businesses are evident among these crypto scams.
  • Interruption of assets strangely happens without any further notice.
  • Investment businesses regularly advise customers about increased deposit-based investments.
  • Once deposits are made, the account suddenly gets suspended.
  • Some broker scams testify to perfect statements.
  • These forex scams avoid withdrawal-related questions as much as possible.
  • Trading scams try to push hard the assurance of no threats or damages.

Let’s Summarize Everything

Scams can happen to all of us. Don’t allow scammers to run free. Feel no embarrassment when reporting a scam. Getting your money back is still possible. When a trading company steals your money, contact Global Fraud Protection for help. 

They will try their best to help you, initiate the chargeback process, and do everything to help you out. Help recover your hard-earned money with Global Fraud Protection! 

Those who do business with them can find tons of scam broker reviews and information about different trading and investment scams. When you discover red flags about broker scams, contact them to help you.

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