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What digital security experts wish you knew about data privacy?

The importance of digital security grows with each passing day. We rely on our apps for various tasks, including fitness, navigation, entertainment, and social networking. However, we cannot vouch for these apps when asked if they deal with our data ethically.

Therefore, more people aim to learn more about how companies treat their data and whether they keep it safe. Knowing the severity of data breaches, it becomes crucial to reassure that your details are maintained accordingly. However, data breaches are not the only tragedies to your data. For instance, the active selling and sharing of users’ information is also a pitfall users need to consider.

Here are some recommendations that the most vigilant security experts note as the basic rules for positive online lifestyles.

Password managers offer enhanced protection

Strong passwords consist of random characters, letters, symbols, and numbers. We often use a complex blend of everything, making passwords more immune to brute force attacks. Simple combinations are known to be vulnerable, so do not go for passwords shorter than 12 characters.

However, creating such strong passwords leads to a very common problem – we tend to forget them quickly and find it harder to recall them when needed.

Password managers come to our rescue during such situations as they store all our passwords in an encrypted form within the application. Password managers can also generate as well as store strong passwords. Therefore, it is a way to keep all your passwords in one convenient place.

You must never use the same password for multiple accounts because if any one of the -accounts is compromised during a data breach, all the other accounts get exposed. Using a password manager gives you the freedom to create unique, complex, and strong passwords for different accounts.

Install a VPN

Public Wi-Fi networks pose an increased security threat to mobile users as many prefer to use them during their leisure time or while traveling. Experts suggest installing and connecting to VPN services before joining an unknown network. In some cases, you will want to activate it before entering a questionable website.

A Virtual Private Network can encrypt all data transmissions, bypass censorship or filtering, and facilitate easy access to a wider range of content from across the globe. Thus, download VPN apps and use them as your guards against data interception and invasive tracking.  

App permissions are crucial

Every time you install an app, you are asked for specific permissions. You must always double-check the permissions you give to an app. Apps that ask for access to data not relevant to their functionality are an obvious red flag.

For instance, if you’re downloading a simple app such as a calculator and the app requests access to your contact list or camera, it is a significant warning sign. The calculator app would never need access to your contact list or camera to operate. You must always double-check before agreeing to such permissions by an app.

Another important aspect is to monitor your device’s behavior after downloading an app – any drastic change to the battery life or other vitals indicates malicious features. You must immediately uninstall such apps from your phone.

Restricted exposure to social media

Social networks are not only for fun. For some, Facebook accounts operate as business pages. Advertisers push products to potential clients. But some might still treat Facebook as a carefree zone. Privacy is one of the things that all social media platforms lack.

You must limit the amount of information you share on the internet, especially on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will prevent the companies from creating shadow profiles and targeting you based on your political leanings, dislikes, likes, religious beliefs, etc.

Wrapping it up…

Digital experts believe that the only way to prevent data breaches and ensure absolute privacy is user awareness coupled with appropriate security measures. You can protect your privacy by exercising greater control over your data. In addition to the above security measures, you must ensure that your phone or mobile device uses the latest Android or iOS version. It is crucial as it provides the latest security cover to your phone and plugs the loopholes that might have existed on older versions.

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