What you need to know about the Thug specialization for the Rogue class in World of Warcraft

WoW is famous for its versatility in the choice of races and classes and the constant battle between two irreconcilable factions – the alliance and the horde. You need to understand that PVP will be waiting for you literally everywhere, but you shouldn’t forget about pumping either, so let’s analyze one of the most interesting and dynamic classes in both areas – the Rogue.

The class is quite interesting and bright, but it requires special character traits and the ability to coolly wait for the perfect strike, as a talented killer should.

All rogues have combinations of skills and normal attacks for high damage through a series of skills.

The leveling will be interesting, but not very fast due to the need to attack each monster individually or choose 2–3 targets, and the process can be accelerated if you visit this site to speed up the leveling.

Who is a thug from the Rogue class according to WoW

The Cutthroat is a melee master who competently accumulates resources and uses them against groups of targets, realizing his potential to the maximum and dealing damage to two or three targets at the same time.

What has changed for the class in Dragonflight

The Outlaw Rogue has received a significant buff in the form of extra damage for finishing moves. The downside is that it only boosts damage against single targets, but overall it’s still one of the strongest classes for single hunting, PVE, and PVP, against a varying number of targets.

What characteristics should be developed and strengthened with the help of equipment for the Rogue class with the Outlaw specialization?

Characteristics are the parameters that absolutely all heroes in the World of Warcraft are endowed with, but depending on the class, the development priority and the resulting increase in skills and combat potential are very different. The orientation of the class also plays an important role.


This is the criterion that is responsible for the attack and defense of the class in its basic manifestation.

Since the rogue is constantly melee fighting, accumulating damage, and using skills, buffing physical damage can significantly increase the final damage figure if you take the inflicted DPS for even one minute of time.

The defense parameter will come in handy, since it is difficult for rogues to fight opponents who have a strong attack and a lot of control effects on your character, especially if you are not lucky with basic evasion.

Critical hit

This parameter allows you to get a chance to deal double damage in case of a critical hit.

In the case of a robber, not only the chance to deliver such a blow is extremely important, but also its strength, since the class has no problems with attack speed, but if there is not enough damage and critical attack power, then the damage will be minimized and not effective, since the swing of the weapon a lot, but there is practically no benefit – invest in any type of damage with no less zeal, as in speed and defense.


This is an important parameter, since the rogue not only has weapons with normal attacks, but also with a series of skills, and the higher the mastery values, the higher the chance that the debuff will work, the attacking skill will deal more damage, and the buff will work with double the force, or will not have a cooldown.


The robbers never had problems with the pace and speed of the attack, so we put the increase at the end of the list, however, with due attention to all the previous points, you can seriously deal with speed.

The rogue always fights in close contact, especially if the jump on target is on cooldown.

You will reach the target faster due to high mobility and inflict accelerated damage due to attack speed, which is also controlled by the speed parameter.

Strengths of the Rogue Thug in WoW Dragonflight

The Blade Flurry talent allows you to constantly attack two or more enemies that are close to the main target that you have chosen as a victim for damage.

You will have a lot of different builds that will make you a welcome guest in raids, mythic dungeons, PVP, and simple pumping, as well as in the updated megadungeon.

Four skills that ensure survivability in any situation and battle with all kinds of opponents:

  • Trick – does not let you die and blocks all incoming damage, you take less damage from AoE attacks outside of the main effect.
  • Cloak of shadows – removes all magical negative effects, prevents you from being attacked by magic, and applies debuffs of schools of sorcery for the next 5 seconds.
  • Evasion – 100% chance to dodge physical damage.
  • Scarlet Vial – regenerates health for the next 4 seconds and recharges 30 seconds.

A number of skills are of great use in mythic raids due to paralyzing and turning enemies into a helpless state, but the skills need to be used wisely and choose the right positions so that the allies do not bring the enemies out of this state with an AoE attack – communicate.

Weaknesses of the rogue class with the thug specialization

If you are unlucky with the Throw the Bones skill, then the damage will be unstable – let me remind you that the skill allows you to apply a random game boost to you, but it all depends on luck – not all buffs in World of Warcraft are useful.

The Insidious Strike skill prolongs and enhances a series of tricks, and if it does not work on the enemy, the entire chain breaks down and the accumulation of damage must be started anew.

Skills and talents worth learning and applying

Always use and maintain poison on the enemy to constantly knock out resources from him – be it a player or a monster. Use the Adrenaline Rush skill to have a constant increase in energy – an important resource for a rogue, and always increase your attack speed.

Aggress more than two targets at once on yourself and use Blade Flurry to boost your AoE damage. Use Roll the Bones all the time and try to catch effects like Skull and Bones, or Great Battle to increase the AoE or single damage of your character.

Use Killstreak skills to get close to the target and accumulate damage through energy and Dreadblades to paralyze the target and prevent them from dealing damage back. Accumulate combos with normal attacks and use skills like Between the Eyes to deal maximum damage in one well-placed strike.

When accumulating a sufficient number of combo hits, use the Meat Grinder skill, which will further accelerate your attack speed, which means it will speed up the rate of accumulation of energy and combo points.

Start the fight with Spectral Strike to be able to deal more damage with your skills.

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