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WhatsApp added improvements to polls and captions with the latest update

WhatsApp is developing its platform by constantly adding the latest features. With the latest update, WhatsApp is introducing the latest improvements to its features, polls, and captions. These latest features have been under development for a while and will be available on your devices soon.

WhatsApp is adding several amendments to its messaging feature. We got the news back in March, and now the platform is adding that feature of restricting users to choosing only one option from the poll. The users that are creating polls can restrict the participants, which will limit them to choosing one option from the poll. This feature wasn’t initially available when it was launched.

WhatsApp will enable users to filter search results through polls. You can search for poll messages from the chat screen, which will show you all the messages that contain polls. This will also allow you to search for unread messages, photos, videos, links, GIFs, audios, and documents. You’ll be notified when a person reacts to your poll to keep you updated with the latest responses.

Along with polls, WhatsApp will now let you improve captions before sending them. Pictures and videos can now be forwarded with captions. While forwarding a picture or video, you can send it either with an existing caption or you can re-edit it before sending it forward. Captions can also be removed before sending. WhatsApp is also introducing captions for documents. You are now able to add captions to documents before sharing them.

WhatsApp is rolling out its latest update all over the globe

This latest update was announced by the platform on Thursday. As per information via blog.post, these latest features will be available on the app soon. Despite this time frame, these features are already available to many users. The latest app version can be downloaded from the Play Store. If you haven’t received the update yet, it’ll be available to you soon.

There are many more features that WhatsApp is working on, including auto-play GIFs, layouts for tablets, status sharing on Facebook, and much more. These changes will also be available to users quite soon.

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