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TikTok has introduced its latest monetization program in US

With its popularity, TikTok has become a main income source for many users, and the platform is adding more ways for users to enhance their ways of earning through the platform. TikTok has introduced its latest monetization program, which was under testing during the month of February. The latest policies of this program are highlighted by the company and are quite tough to meet for those who have just started making content on the app.

The company recently revealed its creators fund program that was launched last year. Through this funding program, an amount of $200 million was specified for creators, which was upped to a full billion dollars after it kicked off. Although many remained unimpressed by the policy, they tended to receive some pennies on the content that got millions of views.

The latest TikTok monetization program aims to provide better incentives for creators

This latest policy was announced via Engadget today. If you are an active creator on the platform, you can surely work towards these programs. According to the latest monetization program, you are required to be a US-based content creator with an age of 18 or above.

On the one hand, the company is fighting with the US government to prevent the ban on applications, and on the other hand, it’s boldly introducing its new platform in the US. However, users will be able to grab the benefits as long as they can.

Although not all creators will be able to access the program as per the strict policies of the program, There are multiple conditions that must be met in order to enter this program. You need to have at least 10,000 followers with 100,000 views during the last 30 days, which can be covered by most of the users. However, the new creators are likely to have a long way to go before reaching this point.

Along with these factors, video quality should also be good, which requires the videos to be of high quality and longer than 1 minute. However, there are no bars set up for an eligible video. Also, if you are re-uploading someone else’s video, that doesn’t count. We cannot yet predict the payment criteria of this program; they will be predicted with time.

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