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WhatsApp Android Beta Improves Listening to voice messages


You either like them or you hate them – there isn’t much in between. We are of course talking about WhatsApp voice messages, which some send with great fondness. In any case, they can hardly be avoided, but their (passive) use will soon become more convenient.

As mentioned at the beginning, opinions are divided when it comes to WhatsApp voice messages: Many swear by pressing the microphone button, especially when they don’t like typing or don’t have a hand free. Recipients are not always happy about this, however: because voice messages force you to play something loudly, which is sometimes uncomfortable in public if you don’t have headphones with you.

But there is also another inconvenience when listening to voice messages: once the playback starts, you are “trapped” in it. You cannot leave the individual chat, at least not if you want to continue listening to the message. Because if you only switch to another chat within the app, the playback of the message is canceled. Infographics WhatsApp, Instagram & Co: How young people prefer to communicate

No more issues when switching

But that will change soon: Because how WABetaInfo reported, a new feature has just been activated via the Google Play beta program of the messenger (app version on Android, thanks to which the voice message can also be heard when you leave the associated chat. If you do that, a new interface element appears, which shows the playback of the voice message and also allows you to pause or continue.

Anyone who has heard enough can also discard a recording using the new display. This functionality (which has been around for a few weeks on iOS) is currently still in the beta phase, but it usually doesn’t take long before it is released to the general public.