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WhatsApp Brings Fingerprint Lock Feature on Android

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As per the latest announcement, WhatsApp has launched the fingerprint lock sensor for Android. The announcement was made by the company on its blog on Thursday.

With this step, the Facebook-owned firm is finally offering the biometric authentication to the Android app, with iPhone users enjoying both the Touch ID that is the fingerprint recognition and Face ID that is the facial recognition since the month of February 2018.

Android users could now have the application lock automatically and unlock only just with a touch of their finger.

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Users have also got the freedom of deciding that how much time the app would lock in automatically, from immediately after closing, to after 1 minute or after half an hour.

Users would be able to control whether the content of their messages received on WhatsApp would be visible in the notifications, as well as the sender of the message.

Calls could still be entertained even when the application is locked.

WhatsApp is a widely used application, that is like a need of present times and is used by all. It is so much of a need these days that even some businesses are managed on its platform.

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