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Huawei To Boost Digital Transformation in African Countries: CEO

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Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said in an interview with Egypt’s state-run Newspaper ‘Ahram’ that “Huawei could deal with all the countries wishing to benefit from the world experience in digital transformation and to develop the digital waves in their interests.”

The CEO and founder of Chinese tech giant Huawei, has said that his company is ready to take the transformation challenge in African countries in order to help the countries to achieve sustainable growth and economic development via technology.

Ren also highlighted the importance of technology and said that the governments of African countries should prioritize their national strategy and they should consider information technology and communication as part of their national strategy.

The African countries should focus on investing in infrastructure and especially on optic fiber industries. Ren admired the digital transformation process in Egypt and said he was impressed with the new policies developed by the country.

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The new administrative capital is being built in Egypt, Ren said in accordance that turning it to a digital capital would directly impact the country’s 2030 strategic development plan which was launched back in 2016.

According to Ren, “The digital transformation of the economy and of industries are critical for Egypt and IT communication sector would play a vital role in elevating various industries in Egypt and it requires big investments in infrastructure.” Huawei CEO also highlighted the importance of youth talent in the IT sector which would provide great knowledge and skills to the country. Ren said Huawei is already working on 6G and investment in youth for this purpose is always a good approach.

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