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“WhatsApp Business” to Be Offered as A Separate App

The much liked and loved app globally is soon to introduce its business version. Yes, WhatsApp for business application is the much-discussed topic lately. Presently it is being tested by some private users and the company would soon be launching “WhatsApp Business” as a standalone app.

As per the description available on Play Store, the app would offer a whole new range of features which would be accessible to all the test partners of “WhatsApp Business”. The description further mentions that while experimenting with the app do not forget to share your take on this new app for further service quality and improvement.

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In the Friday’s edition of Wall Street Journal, it was mentioned that Facebook wants to compensate the capital spent on acquiring WhatsApp by earning some money. The new WhatsApp Business app would be making money in future.

Matt Idema, WhatsApp’s Chief Operating Officer said that they plan on charging the businesses in future. They have not decided the monetization plan, yet.

“WhatsApp Business” would be way different from the commonly used and available WhatsApp.

The new app is given its own logo. The normal WhatsApp logo of a green bubble having a calling symbol would be replaced by a letter “B” inside the green bubble.

Once the app is downloaded it would look exactly same as the WhatsApp app except for the title bar that would indicate “WhatsApp Business”.

The app offers interesting features like options to create business profiles, option to migrate chats, analytics, and auto-generated responses. We could expect more features as this app is in its testing phase.

As per the reports, WhatsApp is being used majorly by businesses for dealing with their clients, specifically in the continent of Asia.

The development of this new app would surely facilitate the businesses to further expand and experiment with their ventures.


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