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WhatsApp Channels feature design is almost familiar to Telegram’s

One-on-one chatting and group discussions via the internet became much more convenient thanks to WhatsApp. Nevertheless, communication requirements change, and WhatsApp just began enabling even more extensive group interactions through Communities. Notably, despite Telegram having channels for several years now, the service still lacks a scalable solution for one-to-many communication. Now that we know more about the future function with the same name on WhatsApp,

In response to many reports noticing the feature in development, WABetaInfo has found a new prompt informing users about channels in preparation for its release. The notification is present in the messaging app’s beta version, which is available from the Play Store.

According to WhatsApp, there is no set limit on how many members a channel can have. A large audience can utilize this function to disseminate news, events, and other information, according to the prompt. The sender’s privacy is protected because the members of a channel won’t see the sender’s phone number. It’s interesting that WhatsApp’s popup doesn’t specify if end-to-end encryption will be used for channel conversations or not.

Another WABetaInfo screenshot explains that updates from channels will appear underneath the transient status updates from your contacts. WhatsApp will rename the Status tab to Updates to account for this change. These two modifications put together help us clearly grasp how WhatsApp channels will function.

On WhatsApp, channels are a fantastic first step towards fully functional one-to-many chatting. The method should be helpful for companies attempting to reach out to customers as well as for public and private organizations seeking to disseminate information to interested parties. Up until now, these goals were achieved by transient status updates and several group conversations with a small user base that allowed only the admins (typically the broadcasters) to send messages. We just need to wait for WhatsApp’s stable version to officially introduce channels.