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Chrome’s tab bar to get a redesign on Windows 11

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With the launch of Microsoft 11, the Mica effect was introduced, which created an appealing experience by adding transparency to certain UI elements, including the start menu, taskbar, and context menus. These changes were also expanded to first-party apps, including File Explorer, Windows Settings, and the Clock, to be restored for a better experience in the future. Google Chrome is also expected to catch some aesthetics in the coming days, as evidence can be seen with Chrome Canary.

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Browser researcher, @Leopeva64, elaborated on the Mica effect on Chrome Canary via Twitter. This effect on Chrome adds texture to the browser’s tab bar. The latest visual effect tends to add a translucent layer on top of certain UI elements.

The background or wallpaper of the desktop affects how strong the effect is. The same tipster discovered it earlier this month in the Chromium Gerrit repository, so it is reasonable to presume it will show up in a later release of Chrome.

The tipper points out that on Chrome Canary, the effect is enabled by default, so you don’t need to do anything special to make it work, like toggle a flag. The interface appears more three-dimensional and immersive thanks to the effect that resembles frosted glass.

A good upgrade that brings Chrome on the desktop more in line with Windows 11 is the addition of the Effect. Other benefits include an improved user experience that enables users to concentrate on the active tab by making other tabs less noticeable. Additionally, while working with several windows, the transparency effect enables users to see through specific UI components.

Before the visual redesign appears in stable Chrome on Windows 11, though, it might take some time. Nevertheless, it’s fantastic to see Google integrate a helpful Microsoft design language into one of the greatest online browsers available.

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