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WhatsApp Child Abuse Group Members Arrested In 11 Countries

WhasApp Child Abuse

According to the latest statement released by Spanish police, as many as 33 people have been arrested around the world that are connected with the WhatsApp group of child abuse images and violent content.

According to further details, the arrests were made in 11 different countries across 3 continents but most arrests—11 were reported in Spain. It was shocking to learn that many of the arrests in Spain being investigated were under 18 and one 15-year-old boy.

In South American country Uruguay, local police arrested two people including one mother who abused her daughter and sent images in that WhatsApp group. Another 29-year-old was arrested who downloaded images from the group and also encouraged group members to make contact with young girls especially migrants who are unlikely to go to the police.

Govt. Officials Advised Not To Use WhatsApp in Pakistan

According to BBC, the Spanish National Police began investigating the group more than two years ago, after receiving an email with a tip-off. The department enlisted the help of Europol, Interpol, and the police in Ecuador and Costa Rica including Spain and Uruguay. Similar arrests were made in the UK, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, India, Italy, France, Pakistan, and Syria.

Group Shared Content

The police in a statement said, the content shared in the group was paedophilic in nature, sometimes the content is of extreme and violent in nature along with some other content which is legal but not suitable for minors.

Some of the group members used the images and video to create “WhatsApp stickers” similar to emojis in which it is quite clear that children are being abused. The people arrested in Spain come from mixed social and cultural backgrounds, the police said.

The police also said that the next phase of the investigation would focus on identifying the children being abused in the images.