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WhatsApp Deleted Messages Could Still be Read

Recently WhatsApp introduced the feature “Delete for Everyone” which allows the users to delete messages prior the recipients could read them. This feature lets the recipient see a notification displaying that “the message has been deleted”. However, it appears that the deleted messages could be retrieved both by the sender and the recipient.

Android Jefe—A Spanish Android blog informed that the deleted messages remain on the device and could easily be accessed back via Android device’s notification log. The receiver could view the deleted messages too even if the messages are deleted at the end of the sender.

The blog reported that the messages remain stored in the notification register of the Android system, so it is just a matter of providing the right record to see the messages deleted by another person.

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For accessing the deleted messages, one has to download another application from Google Play Store called the “Notification History”. After that, the user needs to search the messages in the Android notification register. The notification log could be accessed without the need for any other app.

The user must hold on to the home screen button for long then tap on the “Widgets”
—->” Activities”—->”Settings”—->”Notification Log” and from there the system’s notification register could be opened.

There is some limitation involved relating retrieving of deleted messages. Only those messages could be restored that have prompted some notification on the device or have witnessed some activity like interaction. Interaction in terms of pushing away the notification or just reading the notification in the WhatsApp window.

If the gadget is restarted the messages would be deleted as the log clears up once it is restarted. Also, this facility could only be enjoyed by the users with Android 7.0 or above. It would only be showing the first 100 characters of the text message.

As per the reports only deleted texts could be recovered, deleted media files or shares will not be retrievable.

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  1. Even without all these 3rd party apps and tricks ,users with old version of WhatsApp are able to see the ” Delete for all ” messages in the WhatsApp groups and posting their replies causing ambiguity in other members of the WhatsApp groups.

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