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WhatsApp developing a feature similar to Snapchat: view-once messages

WhatsApp is working on the development of a new feature. The new feature will enable the users to send text messages that can just be viewed once. As noted by WABetaInfo, the said feature will set an expiry duration for the message. In addition to this, such text messages could neither be copied, saved nor forwarded. Furthermore, users might not be able to capture screenshots of such messages. This feature resembles the one that Snapchat offers. Snapchat enables the disappearance of text messages as soon as they are read and chat is closed.

The new feature was spotted in WhatsApp beta v2.22.25.20 for Android. Moreover, WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot depicting how the feature will look like. As per this shared image, if you enable the view-once feature for any message, the default send button modifies. The send button gets accompanied by a lock in it. Though, the view-once option is available for videos and images. Now we will be presented with view-once text messages.

Recently, WhatsApp also introduced a feature known as Disappearing Messages. This feature enables clearing the messages from a chat followed by a set period of time. It presents three distinct options: 24 hours, 7 days, and 90 days. However, this feature is not restricted to the copying, saving, or forwarding a message. Though this feature is meant to enhance privacy, it doesn’t do much.

On the other hand, the view-once text message feature offers better privacy. Since it can not be copied, saved, or forwarded. Furthermore, it won’t even allow capturing a screenshot. Given these facts, it can’t be said that this feature is foolproof. Since people can capture an image using another smartphone or camera. However, in the coming months, this feature will arrive in the stable version of the app.