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WhatsApp Companion Mode Is Now In Android Beta


Although WhatsApp can now also be used on desktop systems without being online with the smartphone, it was previously not possible to use the service on different smartphones at the same time. This has now changed with a new beta version.

WhatsApp users can currently only use the instant messenger on one smartphone at a time. This means that there is no option to register with one phone number on several cell phones. If you have a second smartphone and want to chat there, you must either create a second account or log out of the other device. WhatsApp would like to make this much easier in the future.

Use WhatsApp On up to four devices

That’s why the so-called companion mode was integrated into the current beta build for Android . As WABetaInfo writes, the function first sets a master device. All other smartphones are then linked to the account as “companions”. The chats are then synchronized between the different smartphones. A total of up to four devices can be linked to an account. The end-to-end encryption should work with all clients.

Currently, the feature can only be found in the new beta build of the Android version of WhatsApp. If the companion mode doesn’t cause major problems, the function should also be built into the final versions in the next few months. To link a second device to an existing account, pairing mode must be accessed from the Help menu. A QR code then appears here, which can be scanned with the main device, as with WhatsApp Web.