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Whatsapp for Android has video calling, now

Whatsapp for Android

Whatsapp for Android rolled out video calling option for its users. The latest version of Whatsapp beta has the feature in it and is currently under use by the users enrolled in the beta testing program. It is only available to Android beta testing versions v2.16.316 onwards. The beta testing of video calling appears to be functioning pretty well.

The video calling feature of Whatsapp for Android was to be released in May

The video calling icon for Whatsapp for Android can be accessed through the calls tab. It is not yet available for iOS. To make a call on Whatsapp the users have to tap on the dialer icon which is present right next to the search icon. Users are then presented on the dialer screen with two options. They can either make a Whatsapp voice call or a video call. This is not available for anyone outside the Beta testing program. Hence, calls cannot be made outside individuals who are a part of the beta testing-in the same program.

This is a direct rival aim at Skype and is freely available at Google Play. Since, the app has more than a billion users. The testers of the program report that the video playing feature works pretty well even in bad network connectivity but voice is a mess. Another issue with the interface is bugs. Many users report seeing their own live front camera feed during video calls. Other report they can just see the pictures while making the call with no video.

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A lot of beta testers cannot access the feature. For users in the program they can delete all data of the app and try re-logging into the app. Updating to the latest beta version is also an option. Since, Whatsapp has been aiming to release the video call feature in its app this move comes as a long awaited surprise.

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