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Why social media measurement is important?

social media measurement

Social media engagement is necessary for measurement because it helps in better understanding the audience. It also aids content development by showing what resonated more with the audience. Hootsuite, Cyfe, Google analytics and sprout social are some of the popular social media measurement tools out on the internet. ROI is an important factor in social media marketing. Social media ROI tools help in measuring the exact response on marketing campaigns.  Before discussing the tools it is necessary to know why measuring social media important for online businesses.

Being able to analyze results is important to know the extent of business success or failure. The metric of engagement is important when it comes to measuring social media since, interaction builds the space for the brand to grow. There are estimates 500 million tweets a day, 55 million Facebook updates, 5 million pins on Pinterest, 60 million pictures shared on Instagram and 114 million posts on Tumblr made daily. In such a vast digital space carving out your presence is hard. Therefore social media engagement tools help in identifying what is trending and how your content is being shared on the internet. It also helps to map out which post had more engagement which then helps in establishing the profile of the audience.

Social media is the new way to reach people

Social media measurement helps business owners develop relevant content which garners more shares on social media platform. This in turn boosts business presence on online platforms. Social media is another important part of the marketing plan because a large chunk of the audience has shifted on the digital world. In order to reach out to consumers or audiences it is necessary to use social media to get their attention. Engagement mapping tools and analytics provide raw data of what is working for business social media marketing strategy and what needs to be removed. The dynamics of marketing revolve around reaching to the audience by removing clutter. In all the social media noise reaching out to the consumers is hard.

Creating an effective message and transmitting it across to the consumer is hard work. Social media likes, shares, tweets, mentions and page clicks are what makes an effective campaign. There are a lot of tools in the market that provide insight on the ROI of social media. Some also provide helpful tips to improve social media presence.

Facebook and Twitter allow audience measurements for the posts. Insights are available which help in estimating the audience age, location and their gender. This shows which post went popular among the masses and which ones did not do that good. Facebook insights give out the like, comments, shares and post clicks which show unique engagement with the post. Twitter analytics dashboard is helpful in calculating the replies, retweets and mentions as important engagement factors.

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Tools for social media measurement

Hootsuite is a popular social media managing platform which helps users to determine their engagement by combining analytics with optimization. It helps in monitoring the clicks, likes, retweets and other online behavioral patterns of the interacting audience.

Cyfe is an amazing tool that provides information about your content and how it’s doing on the internet. Cyfe is basically business intelligence software that monitors all online marketing channels. The premium plan for Cyfe is $19 per month and helps in reporting Twitter engagement, Google analytics and detailed ROI. Cyfe also tracks sales, invoices, social media mentions, visit to site and expenses.

Google Analytics are good at calculating where the traffic is coming from and how are visitors interacting with the site. This includes social media visitors as well. Google analytics is important in measuring social media audience and their directing source. It is able to track multiple social media campaign response and is helpful in tracking specific conversions. Google Analytics also measure the track conversions or see which pages are helpful in conversion which helps in chalking our buying cycle. Since, Google Analytics is free the added bonus is how easy it is to set up on your website.

Sprout Social is also a very helpful app that measures social media engagement. It costs $39 per month but has so many features that make it worth the money. The app pulls in the data from social media accounts and looks at audience engagement with the brand. This helps keeping a track of social media status updates and performance. Collaborative tools are incorporated in the app which enables social media management team to divide work. It helps to see social media interactions as they occur. Sprout Social has a 30 day free trial period which anyone can avail and see the benefits first hand. The app is costly but the features are extremely handy if you are running a rigorous social media campaign.

Klout, Klear.com and Howsociable also help in engagement mapping

Klout is another amazing free app that is able to measure social media metrics for businesses. The software is free. It scores social media presence on the basis of engagement on various social media platforms. The app does not report on specific measurement engagements but provides an overall view of the social media engagement. It helps determine whether or not the efforts are being paid off in social media campaigns. Social media measurement helps in determining the next marketing engagement step.

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Howsociable is also a measurement tool that weighs the brands or keywords through 32 social networking sites. It is one of the simplest ways to determine and track your brands visibility. It also provides a good estimate comparison with other brands and businesses out there in the market.

Klear.com provides social media monitoring and analytics. It provides tips on influencer marketing and helps in connecting with the leaders in the community. It also provides competitive analysis which tracks social media and helps in developing strategy.

Quintly is a social media monitoring app and provides analytics to track and compare performance. It helps in tracking the analytics solution in social media marketing activities. Quintly focuses on Facebook and Twitter and benchmarks your numbers against the competitors.

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