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WhatsApp in trouble over client data in France


A year ago, WhatsApp made an addition to its terms of service. This expansion expressed that WhatsApp will share client information with its parent organization, Facebook. The reason for this information sharing was cited to create targeted advertising and promotion, enhance safety efforts and accumulate general business intelligence.

These claims were researched by CNIL, a French administrative body which guarantees information protection and security. Because of the investigation, the CNIL has requested WhatsApp to quit offering information to Facebook.

The investigation regarded the security and evaluation reason to be legitimate though the business insight and focused on advertising reasons failed to pass the investigation.

After summoning, WhatsApp revealed to CNIL that no information of any of its French clients have been handled for targeted advertising purposes, which ended up being false and CNIL named it an infringement of the French Data Protection Act.

WhatsApp can sell client information to marketing companies

CNIL has said that the assent taken by WhatsApp isn’t substantial since it is required to have the capacity to utilize the application and the main strategy for declining to agree and share information is to uninstall.

To additionally intense the proceedings, WhatsApp declined to furnish the CNIL with samples of information gathered by them, contending that French law does not have any significant bearing to them since they are situated in the US.

WhatsApp has been given a one-month time span to consent to the request, wherein inability to do as such may bring about the application getting sanctioned across the nation.

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