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WhatsApp is Continually Losing its Fame While Others are Gaining Popularity

WhatsApp is continuously facing a dip in number of downloads, even long before it announced it new privacy policy.


With WhatsApp’s new privacy policies, mobile phone users are seemingly reluctant to use this communication app. The number of downloads is on the dipping side, while the number of downloads for Telegram and Signal has increased.

For those of you unfamiliar with the situation, please give it a quick look at this content on WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. You may also want to read this content if you haven’t yet accepted the new policy.

Coming back to the topic, we found out that worldwide installs for this app have shrunk to 43% from Jan’21 to April’21, comparing with the corresponding period of 2020.

On the other hand, the report said that the number of installs for Telegram for the same period increased by 98% YoY. Whereas the surge in installs for Signal is even higher – it boosted by 1,192% for the same period under consideration.

However, WhatsApp is still at the top with nearly 172.3 million installs for the same period.

As highlighted by the report, one interesting fact is that the dip in installs started way before WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy. It could be people already saw what was coming, or they might have found a better option.

It is also interesting to know that WhatsApp pays no heeds to whatever users are doing or saying. It is standing firm on its initial decision to share user data with its parent company – Facebook – for marketing purposes. However, if the company does not show some leniency, there might come a time where it won’t be standing at the top.