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WhatsApp is Now Going to Protect Your Chat Backups

WhatsApp is soon introducing a feature to protect your WhatsApp chat backup.


WhatsApp is quite busy adding new features. Previously, we disclosed that the messaging app introduced an easy way to transfer chats between Android and iOS devices. The company also fixed an issue that allowed hackers to access chats. And now, the company is working to introduce a secure way to create a backup of your chats.

Although, the news didn’t come directly from WhatsApp. SamMobile recently shared announced that WhatsApp could be adding a new feature where users can create a backup on Google Drive using end-to-end encryption, With end-to-end encryption, chats are unreadable, even by the company itself. But the backup is not. With this new feature, you will get an extra layer of protection over your backup files.

According to the source, with this new feature, every backup account will be protected with a randomly generated encryption key.

The source also claims that this new feature will first start rolling out to Samsung devices and some other Android devices.

There is one more rumor which suggested that WhatsApp could also introduce an option to hide “last seen” status from individual contacts.

We don’t have a release date but do expect to get these new features soon.