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WhatsApp is testing a new feature for video calls on iOS: picture-in-picture mode

In the messaging space, we have plenty of apps to choose from. Recently, WhatsApp posted an update on its blog, showcasing the new features that have been introduced throughout the year. The capability of adding 32 callers on a video chat was an amazing feature. Furthermore, several quality-of-life improvements like messaging or muting the call participants, Call links made it easier for users to connect with people.

As of today, WhatsApp shared that it will soon begin testing Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on iOS. The feature is currently in beta. It enables the users to interact with the app while staying on a call. Talking PiP, it is not new to the community. Since it is available across Android for some years. But for iOS users, this is quite a fresh feature. Although some apps provide the ability to hold the video in a small window. Thus, enabling the users to perform multiple tasks. The same is the case with the Premium subscription to YouTube.

Fortunately, with WhatsApp, users are not required to sign up for a subscription. They are not bound to invest additional money in the service. Users can simply download the app from the App store and begin using the PiP mode without any trouble or hassle. But do notice that presently the service is limited to those users who are in beta. However, the company mentions that the feature will be soon available to all users by the new year. In addition to this, WhatsApp will be adding new waveforms to video calls. Thus, making it easier to view who is speaking.

Additionally, a banner notification will be shown whenever a new caller joins the conversation. Thus, enabling a convenient way to understand what is going on. Of course, these are just some of the features added by WhatsApp over the span of the year. If you’re concerned about trying out some of the features, download the app on iOS and give it a try.